Cooking Class

Thai Cooking Class with Chef Soden

Corporate retreats, birthday parties, anniversaries, or just a chance to sip drinks and have fun are all good reasons to participate in a master class in Thai cuisine with our Executive Chef Soden Tek! The Elephant Trail cooking class offers students of all levels a chance to learn how to cook Traditional Thai dishes in this exciting, interactive, hands-on cooking class, using the freshest ingredients. Learn to balance the five flavors of Thai cuisine: sweet, spicy, sour, salty and savory with the help of an expert! After this class, you will love to cook with exotic flavors and fresh ingredients of Thailand. Recipe cards are provided for students to take home so that they can recreate the magic in their own kitchen. Low and no skills cooks are welcome! You will learn the fundamentals of Thai cooking here in our very own Elephant Trail kitchen in Avon. The class would take about 3 hours including eating time, and wine pairings.

Space is limited

The cost for all standard classes is $90 per person.
**Private classes area also available for private parties.**
Call Brian to register (860) 677-0065 or email at